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Our Company

Arthrobacter Internacional S.A. de C.V.

Somos una empresa orgullosamente mexicana dedicada al tratamiento de aguas sanitarias e industriales que incorpora tecnologías sostenibles para el desarrollo de proyectos sustentables.

  More than 15 years of experience guarantee us to sanitize any volume of water with a high degree of contamination through an innovative system that is unique worldwide called Biological Treatment or Total Biodegradation by High Efficiency Aeration and by gravity.


We develop sustainable and sustainable projects with the environment and its pollution, for the benefit of the population.


Through an innovative system unique in the world that cleans any volume of water with a high degree of contamination.


We need to restore water which is the most valuable resource.

Our Mision

Promote organizations, institutions, companies and government and private agencies as innovative promoters of sustainable and environmentally friendly projects for the benefit of the population that integrates each project and that also has a global impact.  

Water is the most valuable resource.

NOM Compliance

Don't risk it!

Traditional plants are already obsolete for not complying with standards and not being able to scale or grow in modules.

Frequent questions

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