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Action field

  • States and municipalities. Field.
  • All types of industries: Tequila, petrochemical, transformation, manufacturing, paper, sugar mills, food, dairy, slaughterhouses, automotive, electrical, etc.
  • In the construction of houses, subdivisions, housing complexes, industrial parks, etc.
  • Tourism industry, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. Medical area: laboratories, sanatoriums.
  • Rivers, lakes, lagoons, coastal, parks and water tables.


We make waste management more efficient, we develop technology for the treatment of wastewater and its derivatives in industries. At Arthrobacter Internacional, we provide sustainable solutions to the problem of contamination, the recovery of water for reuse in processes, the treatment of industrial discharges, as well as their waste, and the efficiency of their processes.

Urban Development

In the physical study of treatability, the capacities and specifications of the treatment equipment required in addition to the purely biological treatment, such as sand traps, in the case of non-organic solids, are determined according to the characteristics of the contaminants present in the discharge. or in suspension; skimmers, in the case of floating non-organic matter; pH equalizers, in case of excessive acidity or alkalinity; flocculators, settlers or other treatment systems, if there is, for example, the presence of heavy metals.


We provide sustainable solutions for the purification of water in the tourism industry through the use of Biological Treatment to Total Biodegradation by High Efficiency Aeration and by gravity, we apply various technologies and strategies, considering that access to clean water in the hotel industry.

For this reason, at Arthrobacter International we care about generating an efficient wastewater system that has the following sustainability benefits:
• Savings in fines for discharges of polluted water.
• Savings in operation and maintenance of equipment, such as boilers or cooling towers.
• Significant decrease in energy consumption
• Reuse of water for swimming pools, toilets, dining rooms, green areas and laundry services.

We clean any contaminated water to reintegrate it into the processes and groundwater tables, exceeding any international standard.

Water quality above the norm.

Official Norms

We comply with current NOMs

In quality we exceed the requirements of the NOM.

Business model

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